Life Keeps No Secrets



-Life Understanding Clues Are Ever Present – Life Does Not Keep Secrets- Recruit Yourself as Your Personal Private Investigator of Life-

Jellyfish I suddenly realised this morning are  an ‘I hold no secrets’ example of the miracle of creation….
Looking at a Jellyfish reminded me that in actual fact none of us do or can ever successfully hold secrets – we simply think that in our opaque form of being we can conceal our authentic truth….
Our form of matter really isn’t matter and therefore doesn’t matter so its illusion is destructible and energetically very easy to shatter…
Any secret we in human form ever try in fear to hold will in pure essence of truth and honesty revealingly unfold….

Jellyfish are an AMazing example of the clarity and transparency of all of I AM’s AMazingly clear creations…
The clarity with which we see life depends upon…

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